Solution Fractionation
Analysis (Xylene Solubles)


The CRYSTEX is the leading instrument in the automation of amorphous fractionation in PP copolymers. This method is widely welcomed by the industry because of the significant reduction of measurement time, high precision measurement and the multi detection capabilities.


  • Full automation of the Xylene Solubles method, no manual solvents handling
  • Results compatible with manual ISO 6427 method
  • Linear correlation with Heptane Solubles method
  • Results of three samples in about 4 hours
  • No need for accurate weighing of sample or volume control
  • Low consumption of solvent
  • Process with no user supervision required and intrinsically safe operation
  • Precision obtained in the Xylene Solubles results better than 0.7% RSD.
  • Ready for continuous operation 24 hours/7days in manufacturing control laboratories
  • Incorporation of the IR4 detector for measurement of concentration
  • Possibility of obtaining additional information : ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity of the whole polymer, crystalline and non-crystalline fractions
  • Remote control possibility to easy diagnosis from Polymer Char Service Centre