Tensiometers from DataPhysics Instruments are multi-functional force-based instrument used for the determination of various surface and interfacial properties such as surface tensions, interfacial tension, critical micelle formation concentration (CMC), adhesion or surface pressure.

The main applications are as following:

• surface tension and interfacial tension measurements by using standardised test devices. The common devices are such as Du Noüy rings and Wilhelmy plates.
• dynamic contact angle measurements on solids, fibers, and powders
• determination of density for liquids and solids
• determination of the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
• surface pressure analysis with a Langmuir Trough
• measurement of force of adhesion.

Available in: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : https://www.dataphysics-instruments.com

Tensiometer Products


The weight based measuring equipment, DataPhysics DCAT 9 Tensiometer, can measure surface and interfacial tension and density of solids and liquid sample.

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The DataPhysics DCAT 15 is an all in one instrument that can function as a tensiometer and dynamic contact angle measuring instrument.

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The DataPhysics Tensiometer and Dynamic Contact Angle measuring instrument DCAT 25 can measure the surface and interfacial tension

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The DCAT 25F is a unique extension of the DCAT 25 which has a balance with higher accuracy of up to 0.1 micrograms resolution.

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