Optical contact angle measuring instrument/device allows the user to measure the contact angle between the liquid drop and the solid surface which the parameter characterises the solid's wetting properties with the liquid.

By having the obtained results of contact angles with multiple test liquids, this contact angle equipment can determine the surface energy of the solid with the software and further used for calculation of the work of adhesion for different liquids.

The measurement and analysis of contact angle parameters and wetting properties are useful in the development and quality control of surface coatings, surface finishing, cleaning agents as well as paints and varnishes. The following are some common applications:

• Using sessile drop method to measure the static and dynamic contact angle measurement, as well as wettability analysis on solids.
• Surface energy analysis of solids.
• Optical determination of surface tension and interfacial tension by the pendant drop method.

Available in: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : https://www.dataphysics-instruments.com

Optical Contact Angle Products


The DataPhysics OCA 15EC is the basic model to measure contact angle and drop shape analysis of different samples.

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OCA 25

The DataPhysics OCA 25 is an all-rounder for contact angle and drop shape analysis measurement.

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OCA 50

The fully automatic DataPhysics OCA 50 is suitable to analyze the wettability and surface energy of solid surfaces.

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OCA 200

The DataPhysics OCA 200 is able to perform measurement of contact angle and drop contour for microscopic and macroscopic structures.

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