Contact angle measurement and contour analysis systems for every budget. State-of-the-art optics, high-precision mechanical systems, intelligent electronic controllers and high-resolution video cameras guarantee a precise, accurate and highly reproducible image of a liquid drop dispensed within the DataPhysics instrument selected.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : http://www.dataphysics.de/2/start/

Optical Contact Angle Products


The DataPhysics OCA 15EC is the basic model to measure contact angle and drop shape analysis of different samples.

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OCA 25

The DataPhysics OCA 25 is an all-rounder for contact angle and drop shape analysis measurement.

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OCA 50

The fully automatic DataPhysics OCA 50 is suitable to analyze the wettability and surface energy of solid surfaces.

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OCA 200

The DataPhysics OCA 200 is able to perform measurement of contact angle and drop contour for microscopic and macroscopic structures.

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