Capillary Rheometer is equipment used especially for dynamic viscosity testing, in quality control (QC), or research and development (R&D) laboratories. Besides measuring viscosity in an extremely broad range of shear rates, there are a wide range of different add-ons available to enhance the analysis capability of a GÖTTFERT high shear rheometer for advanced polymer characterization, for examples: elongation viscosity, thermal conductivity, counter pressure chamber, PVT-measurement (isobar/isotherm), die swell measurements, and shark-skin measurements

The GÖTTFERT RHEOGRAPH series is a highly modular High-Pressure Capillary Rheometer in accordance with ISO 11443. It is used to determine the flow behavior and viscosity of thermoplastics and rubbers. This capillary rheometer is the result of more than 50 years of experience gained by GÖTTFERT with the previous model generations in the field of capillary rheometry.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

Capillary Rheometer Product

Rheograph 20

The Rheograph 20 is the basic model equipment for measuring viscosity which comes with a working force of 20kN.

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Rheograph 25/50

The Rheograph 25/50 is used to measure viscosity and comes with a working force of 25kN and 50kN.

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Rheograph 75/120

The Rheograph 75/120 is used to measure viscosity and comes with a working force of 75kN and 120kN.

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PVT 500
Testing Instrument for Isothermal/Isobaric PVT Measurements

The capillary rheometer PVT 500 is a test instrument for isobaric and isothermal PVT measurements. The PVT 500 can also perform thermal conductivity measurements with optional add-on equipment.

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