DataPhysics Instruments patented a measuring technique that uses an oscillatory flow of electrolyte solution through or along the sample. The streaming potential and the currently applied pressure are measured simultaneously together with the temperature, conductivity and pH value of the electrolyte solution. Through the application of wide range of flow frequencies and amplitudes, a fast and precise measurement can be performed.

The ζ potential directly influences the stability of colloidal suspensions and gives indications on the adhesion between solids. Furthermore the ζ potential can be used to monitor the adsorption and chemical reaction of ions/molecules, surfactants, polymers etc. with the solid surface.

The DataPhysics Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 is a compact measuring instruments which utilises this patented bidirectional oscillating streaming potential method.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : https://www.dataphysics-instruments.com/

Zeta Potential Analyzer Product

Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20

The Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 utilises the patented bidirectional oscillating streaming potential method for the measurement of zeta potential of various materials with a high degree of accuracy and precision. Samples with plate shaped geometries, fibres and powders can be easily prepared and measured as well.

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