X-Ray Fluoroscence Spectrometer

Cianflone Scientific is a quality driven manufacturer of portable x-ray spectrographic “Portaspec” instrumentation (WDXRF analyzers) and laboratory sample preparation equipment.

Manufacturer's website : http://www.cianflone.com/

X-Ray Fluoroscence Spectrometer Products

Model 2501XBT: Portaspec for Multi-Element Sequential Analysis: Ti to U

The Portaspec 2501XBT has a rotating goniometer for analysis of solids, powders and thin film samples to up to 5 elements, from Titanium to Uranium.

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Model 2501XLE: Portaspec for Light Element Analysis in Central Lab

The Portaspec 2501XLE has a single position sample holder for analysis of solids and powders samples through a rapid and non-destructive process with x-ray fluorescence.

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Model 2501X-2: Portaspec for Assay and Bulk Material Identification

The Portaspec 2501X-2 can be used in field or in a laboratory to measure powder and liquid samples.

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