Micro Materials has continually been leading the innovation in the highly specialised world of nano-mechanical testing for over 30 years. Consistently developing and refining equipment that has constantly set new benchmarks for performance and versatility.

It strive to provide multi-functional nano-indenters, nano-mechanical testing and nanotribology instrumentation that is user friendly and intuitive.

The NanoTest system from Micro Materials is the most comprehensive and flexible nano indenter which allows researcher to perform useful techniques such as:
  • • Nanoindentation , Micro indentation, Creep Testing and Rapid Depth Profiling
  • • Nano Scratch Test and Micro Scratch Test
  • • Nano Impact Test and Micro Impact Test
  • • Nano Wear Test and Nano fretting
  • • 2D & 3D imaging with Multiple Objective Microscope, Nanopositioning stage or AFM.
  • • High Temperature nanomechanical testing.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Nano Indentation Tester Product

NanoTest Vantage

The NanoTest Vantage system offers a complete range of nanomechanical and nanotribological tests in one flexible and user friendly instrument.

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NanoTest Xtreme

The NanoTest Xtreme from Micro Materials provides a vacuum environment testing from -100 to 1000 ÂșC without oxidation or frosting of samples.

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