Temperature Range for the MS 20 MultiScan Dispersion Stability Analysis System Extended
17 April, 2023

Analyse Dispersions at Temperatures Down to -10 °C for the First Time
Filderstadt, 17 April 2023. The MultiScan MS 20 dispersion stability analysis system from the measuring device manufacturer DataPhysics Instruments can now also analyse dispersions at sub-zero temperatures down to -10 °C. The extended temperature range enables users to carry out measurements under real environmental and storage conditions. This enhancement is particularly interesting for product developments in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, lubricants, and paints.

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21st March, 2022

We are pleased and honored to be appointed by EQUITECH as their exclusive distributor in Southeast Asia with effect from 15th March 2022.

EQUITECH is a manufacturer of opto-electronic solutions (devices + software) for in-line process measurements. EQUITECH developed a unique technology to measure UV-Vis in the process line and in real-time for a myriad of samples such as slurries, pastes, molten polymers, liquids, solids and gases.

Distribution Agreement with FOM Technologies A/S
March 2021

We are excited to announce that LMS Technologies Pte Ltd has signed a distribution agreement with FOM Technologies A/S, a leading manufacturer of Slot-die coating machines and equipment that enables researchers, scientists, and professionals, to discover, develop and commercialize new functional materials for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

FOM Technologies A/S will be represented by LMS Group of companies including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.