On-line/At-line Melt
Index Rheometer


The GOETTFERT MINI BYPASS RHEOGRAPH is a compact online capillary rheometer used for continuous measuring of MFR and viscosity properties of polymer. One of its advantages is its compact size which has a width of approx. 150mm and can be installed even in tight space. The installation and operation is also very simple and the die is easily accessible to change with minimum downtime.


  • Flange-mounted measuring directly on the material supply line, separate Control Electronics
  • Compact size
  • Simple die exchange
  • Large measuring range due to shear rate range of 1:1000
  • System can be operated at a constant speed (shear rate) or constant pressure (shear stress)
  • Operation, evaluation and visual displays are made via personal computer, a built in industrial workstation or from the user side by a process control system
  • Single or multi-point measurements
  • The following test results are supplied depending on the selected operating:
  • -Melt index MFR or melt volume index MVR with or without temperature-compensation
    -FRR (Flow Rate Ratio), ratio of 2 consecutive MFR/MVR measurements, which correspond to laboratory tests
    with different weights
    -apparent shear stress, -shear rate and -viscosity

  • The test results can be:
  • -displayed in color on the PC screen
    -supplied via analog 4..20mA
    -requested via host computer connected via serial interface
    -database access via network
    -output in the form of test-data log on a printer

  • The system is also available for use in hazardous areas zone 1 and 2 with the classification Ex II 2 G EEx de ia c/k IIC T2/T3.