Model 2501XBT: Portaspec for Multi-Element Sequential Analysis: Ti to U

The Portaspec 2501XBT has a rotating goniometer for analysis of solids, powders and thin film samples to up to 5 elements, from Titanium to Uranium. It also has an easy load two-position sample holder for easy handing and configuration during testing.


  • Bragg Angle Range 13 to 98 degrees; Two Theta
  • Analyzing Crystal Lithium Fluoride (200)
  • Element Range Ka 22-47 (Ti to Ag)
  • Element Range La 56-92 (Ba to U)
  • Collimators 20 mil Divergent (Source)
  • 10 mil Receiving (Detector)
  • X-ray Tube Current 0 to 5 mA – Adjustable