The TG 209 F1 Nevio is a top quality thermobalance for R&D to analyse the thermal stability and composition of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics products. It can be used for:

  • - Mass changes
  • - Decomposition behavior
  • - Pyrolysis
  • - Water content
  • - Identification of solvents (even intercalated ones)
  • - Interactions with the surrounding gas atmosphere, e.g., oxidation
  • - Shelf life
  • - Thermal kinetics (in combination with Kinetics Neo)
  • - Identification of evolved gases (coupled to a gas analyzing system such as FT-IR, MS or GC-MS)


Temperature range (max.) (10°C) … RT to 1100°C
Max. cooling rate/max. heating rate 200 K/min
Measuring range/ weighing range (max.) 2000 mg1)
Enthalpy accuracy n/a
TGA resolution 0.1 μg
Indium Response Ratio (*) n/a
Exchangeable sensors Yes
Cooling options n/a
Gas atmospheres Inert, oxidizing, static and dynamic
Gas-tight/vacuum-tight Vacuum-tigh
Mass flow controller for purge/protective gas 3, integrated (0 to 250 ml/min)
Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) Yes (optional)
Software min. Proteus® 8
Advanced Software extensions (optional) - Peak Separation
- Kinetics Neo
- Thermal Simulations
Size (W x H x D) – incl. ASC, without physical connections 660 mm x 500 mm x 530 mm