Optomec LENS Print Engine

The LENS Print Engine provides Optomec industry proven metal 3D Printing technology in a modular form for rapid integration with other metal working platforms such as CNC mills, lathes, robots, custom gantries, or even laser cutting and welding systems. The modular LENS Print Engine components include Optomec proprietary SteadyFlow™ powder feeders, LENS processing head with interchangeable nozzles, fiber laser, integrated tool path generation software, SmartAM™ closed loop controls and full safety packages. The LENS Print Engine is targeted for customers who wish to upgrade their existing metal working systems with additive manufacturing capabilities or for machine tool OEMS as a value add option to their current system offerings.


  • LENS Processing Head
  • Interchangeable Print Head Nozzles
  • SteadyFlow™ Powder Feeders
  • 500 W IPG Fiber Laser
  • PartPrep™ Tool Path Software
  • Machine Tool Safety Upgrade

  • SmartAM™ Process Control
  • Vision Alignment Camera
  • Laser Upgrade to 2 kW

  • Net Shape RP & RM
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Rework
  • In-situ Repair
  • Addition of Wear Surfaces
  • Cladding and Surface Modification

  • Flexibility to add to any CNC machine tool
  • Ability to deposit and machine in same work cell
  • Complete laser deposition solution
  • Easy adoption and training
  • Open Atmosphere
  • Closed Loop Process Controls