Optomec LENS CS 600 System

The LENS CS 600 is one of Optomec’s latest state-of-the-art DED systems incorporating more than 20 years of Optomec know-how into its powerful processing capabilities. Equipped with the new LDH 3.X deposition head, laser powers up to 2 kW, controlled atmosphere (standard), up to four powder feeders (functional grading and alloy development), Siemens 840D controller, and MasterCAM with LENS plug-in for up to simultaneous 5 axis operation, this powerful industry leader in DED with small footprint is ready for any small to mid-size industrial manufacturing project including new part building, existing part repair/restoration, part modification/feature adding, and property enhancement coating of parts.


  • Class 1 sealed laser enclosure
  • Controlled atmosphere (O2 levels < 10 ppm)
  • 600 x 400 x 400 mm build envelope
  • LENS laser deposition head (LDH 3.X) with 4-tip nozzle
  • 0.67 mm focused spot size
  • 500 W fiber laser
  • SteadyFlowTM powder feed system/single powder feeder
  • Siemens 840D controller
  • 3 axes- X/Z overhead, Y table
  • Pass-through antechamber (375 mm)
  • Integrated gas purification system

  • Coax nozzle (interchangeable with the std 4-tip nozzle)
  • Variable focused laser spot sizes (2 and 3 mm)
  • Fiber lasers up to 2 kW
  • Additional powder feeders (up to 4)
  • 3+1, 3+2, or simultaneous 5 axis motion upgrade
  • MC tool path generation with LENS additive plug-in
  • Closed loop feedback controls
  • Thermal imaging
  • Material starter recipes