MI-40 Visco

The mi40 Visco is designed to perform measurements based on the ISO 11443 standard, which is commonly used for capillary rheometers. It has additional capabilities that allow it to perform viscosity tests as easily as standardized melt flow index tests. During the “visco” test mode, the mi40 instrument uses the integrated motor to push the piston at constant defined speeds. The resulting pressure is measured with a force transducer in the piston holder.

Compared to normal MFR-measurements, it is possible to reach higher shear rates which are more relevant for actual production processes. Therefore, viscosity tests by this GÖTTFERT Plastometer are more like a processability test compared to the standard MFR test.


  • Modified motor controller which control the piston speed between 0.1-40 mm/s in the step of 0.1 mm/s
  • Test piston to meet ISO 11443 measurement standard
  • Measurement force is up to 800 N (max. pressure of 110 bar)
  • Viscosity die with length 10 mm and a diameter of 1 mm (L/D=10/1 mm)
  • Easy to use and powerful software extension for viscosity measurements