Melt Elongation Testing


Instrument for determination of melt index and elongation viscosity in one measurement
The D-Melt measurement system enables the determination of melt index and elongation viscosity in one measurement. The D-MELT instrument consists of a melt flow index tester mi40 and an integrated haul-off system. This combination of equipment is particularly useful as a rapid test in quality control (QC) of incoming materials for polymer processing.

The melt index measurement is an internationally standardized procedure for determining the flow property of plastic melts. The sample is melted in a heated test barrel and then extruded through a capillary with a test piston and a defined weight on top. Based on this, the MVR (melt volume rate) is determined in cm³/10min. This value can be converted with the melt density value into the MFR (melt index) in g/10min.

In addition to the melt index testing, the D-MELT system, which is a combination of a mi40 Melt Flow Indexer and a haul-off system, enables the determination of the elongational viscosity with just one measurement or just one filling of the test barrel. To shield the HAUL-OFF from external influences during the test, it is installed in a closed case below the mi40, which is easily accessible from the front via doors

This measuring process enables a quick, simple and cost-effective analysis of a quality parameter. This provides information about the extrudability of a material. The defined value is ideally suited for the process control of material manufacturers or for material processors when inspecting incoming goods in the QC laboratory.

    • Determination of melt index and melt elasticity in one measurement
    • Speed range from 0 to 44.8 m/min (D-MELT, HAUL-OFF)
    • Characteristic single value as result of the HAUL-OFF measurement
    • Force and velocity are graphically displayed during measurement
    • Force and velocity during measurement can also be recorded
    • Uncomplicated and predefined measuring principle
    • Free definable velocity profile
    • Operation and data recording via PC software D-MELT Console (Optional MFRHost and RHEOTENS E)
    • Precise, high-resolution force sensor